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Text+Paint=Work | 2012-2014

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess
Text+Paint=Work | 2012-2014 | ART by MANUEL SÜESS

I created my Text+Paint=Work series in 2012 based on my experiences with my own exhibitions and the way art is presented in media.

At exhibitions and in media paintings are often shown without context and explanation. But often it is the context or the artist’s message behind the painting that make the artwork complete and understandable. In exhibitions you’ll often see those little cards with just the name of the painting on it. That was annoying me. Consequently, I developed the Text+Paint=Work series.

I decided to first write the meaning of the paintings onto the wood (2012) or the canvas (2013-2014). Afterwards I painted my painting on top of its written meaning. While painting I took care that parts of the written text still were readable afterwards. I wanted that the viewers get curious and see that my paintings are more than just strong colours on a canvas.

The paintings of my Text+Paint=Work series have been shown at many exhibitions. For example in Basel, Meilen and Vienna. In 2013 I created my first dance paintings thanks to a lucky coincident while creating a Text+Paint=Work painting. Later, in 2014 my dance paintings replaced the Text+Paint=Work series.