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Preview | Painting no. 846 Gegen den Wind II

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess
Preview | Painting no. 846 Gegen den Wind II | ART by MANUEL SÜESS

I used my blue and white colour palette that has its origins even before my "famous" painting Babykauz (2009) to create my painting no. 846 Gegen den Wind II. Overall, I painted more than 30 layers of blue and white acrylic colours.

The Milan who spreads his wings and is flying up in the sky in my painting no. 846 is not only painted but also modelled with grainy modelling paste. Thanks to that, the colour didn’t stick to the bird in the same way as it sticked to rest of the surface.

Back to the roots: I painted my second Milan on wood, like most of my paintings from 2008 till 2012. 2013 I switched to stretched canvas. My painting no. 844 Sommer (2020) will be my last painting on stretched canvas for some time.

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