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The Peanut (2013)

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess
The Peanut (2013) | ART by MANUEL SÜESS

Both of my paintings «Die Erdnuss» (The Peanut) and «abstrakter Apfel» (Abstract Apple) from 2013 were inspired by Cézanne. Back in 2013, I worked in the context of my civilian service duty at the museum Langmatt in Baden, Switzerland. Each day I passed by at a little display case with very little apple still lifes of Cézanne. Each of those very little paintings are probably (still) more worth than all my own paintings together.

These daily encounters inspired me to paint my own still lifes. But they shouldn't be impressionistic still lifes like Cézanne’s. I wanted to create abstract still lifes. And second they shouldn’t be small. I wanted them to be big and bold, so they would get far more valuable than Cézanne’s apples. I learned later; size doesn’t matter that much in the art business. It’s far more important that a viewer likes the emotions he feels when viewing a painting.

First, I painted my abstract apple with acrylics on a stretched canvas in the size of 100x100cm. The big apple is accompanied by a curious and hungry little worm. My apple painting was even part of my second exhibition in Vienna in 2013. A bit later I painted my peanut. I painted it also with acrylics on a stretched canvas in the size of 100x70cm. My abstract peanut painting was shown at my exhibition in Meilen, that’s near Zurich, which took place in 2014.

Both paintings are part of my work series «Text+Paint=Work» which I will gladly introduce to you in a future blog post.