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My bird painting no. 824 Milan (2019)

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess
My bird painting no. 824 Milan (2019)

My painting no. 824 Milan (2019) is devoted to - no, not to the famous city - a kite. I think he is a black kite, but he could also be a red kite. To be fair I didn’t look at his wings that closely, I didn’t even know there is a difference until I looked for his English translation as I was sure that this majestic bird is known under a different name in English than in German.

Mostly I saw him flying up in the sky but sometimes I could spot him directly in front of my art studio’s window flying over my neighbour’s roof looking for his next prey. Most times I spotted him alone. But occasionally he was dancing through the sky with his lady friend. In summertime I sometimes saw him with his child, teaching him the secrets of the sky.

I crafted the black kite in my painting with modelling paste on top of the canvas. He is observing the blue sky in the background. His design is inspired by my early linocut art cards as well as by paper cuts. But I didn’t cut him out of the canvas I modelled him on top of it. Afterwards I painted him white. For some time, I also painted my birds black like my dancers but I decided to go back to my early bird paintings and paint my birds white again as white works better with the intended symbolism of independence and freedom of the birds in my bird paintings.