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Discover the topics of my colorful abstract dance and bird paintings.

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess

My dance and bird paintings are not just beautiful abstract-figurative paintings of birds and dancers in strong colors. They often have also a profound meaning.

On one hand there are my dance paintings in red, orange and yellow acrylic colors full of energy and motivation visualizing passion, zest of life and vitality. On the other hand there are my blue bird paintings, refreshingly quiet and relaxing, visualizing topics like peace, freedom, relief and hope.

Both work series sometimes also overlap or even merge using trees as connecting link and connect air and earth with their roots and branches.

Despite all their differences together my dance and bird paintings complete one another to their own kind of harmony.


Bird Paintings

Dance Paintings

Peace, freedom, hope

Relief, rest, fresh start



Joy, passion, zest of life

Entertainment, vitality

Dance, move, live


Air, Water

Fire, Earth

Blue, White

Red, Orange, Yellow




I hope this overview will help you understanding my work. But besides all emotional reasons you can also gladly buy my paintings because they match perfectly with your furniture and beautifully complete your interior design.

By the way: You will find a short description to each painting on its detail page as well as a preview image to get an impression of how it may could look hanging in a room. You are also kindly invited to visit my art studio to view some of my paintings in real life.