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Garden sculptures

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess
Garden sculptures | Manuel Süess | 2019

My garden sculptures are standing in the snow. Guarding their little fir. Wait a minute. Did it already snow around Lucerne? No. Not yet. I took this picture last winter in January 2019.

My garden sculptures are made from cherry laurels. After I moved in in my current flat and art studio, I cut a lot of them down as I am also responsible for the garden and as I don't like cherry laurels. I cut most of them into small piece to use their wood for future barbecues. But I liked the structure of two of them and kept them whole.

Someday, I had the idea to flip them around onto their branches, stepped back and was surprised. They looked like a wooden couple. So, they became my spare time project. Some of their branches had to be cut and the man with the broom in his hand wished to get some nicer clothing. I respected his wish and carved some new clothes out of his wood.

Nowadays they are standing and living in my garden. Mostly just standing. They promised to help with the garden work. But so far, I had done most by myself. They always claim that they are tired from digging the weeds.