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My dance painting no. 823 Tanzen! 2.19

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess
My dance painting no. 823 Tanzen! 2.19

Tanzen! 2.19 was my first new painting after a longer period without painting at all during which I concentrated my creative energy on completing my second novel and on my studies at the Lucerne School of Business.

I decided to make a creative break as I noticed that my dance paintings lost a bit of their initial joy- and playful spirit. My paintings had steadily become more technical. What is not bad on itself as it resulted in a constant increase of the technical quality of my art. But I missed the playfulness of my early dance paintings. Therefore, I decided to put paint and brush aside for some time, knowing that I wouldn’t be bored as I had enough to do with finishing my second novel and continuing my studies in business administration.

After I published my second novel in October 2018, I started looking at my earlier paintings. Dance paintings and others that I like very much. Some of them are in my private collection. I also viewed some of my early abstracts on wood. I had not seen them for quite a while. Bit by bit I rediscovered my playfulness. But not only because of viewing my earlier paintings. Much more because of my second novel as I let my fantasy run wild while writing it and created in my opinion a miraculous extraordinary piece of work.

With my second book finished and fuelled with new creative and playful energy it was clear what my main project for the break between the exams of my third and the start of my fourth semester would be. Paint, brush and canvas were put back to work and I created my dance painting no. 823 Tanzen! 2.19 during the following weeks.