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Review & Work Catalog 2009

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess

Review 2009

Manuel Süess’ professional reorientation continued during all of 2009. That year he worked as accounts receivable, sales promoter and as sales representative.

Early 2009 Manuel Süess still put his art focus on mosaics. But one day he decided to paint a background for a mosaic with acrylics. He liked the expression of the background so much that he stopped doing mosaics and started creating acrylic paintings instead.

During 2009 Manuel Süess put his main focus on creating abstract, emotional acrylic paintings on wood.

Work Catalog 2009

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Review & Work Catalog 2008

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess

Review 2008

2008 Manuel Süess finished his studies at the Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern. After successfully achieving his degree in hospitality management he decided to leave the hotel business. But that career change became harder than he had thought. Therefore 2008 be-came for him a year of professional reorientation.

2008 was also an important year for his art career although becoming an artist was not more than a far dream. Manuel Süess decided to achieve a higher level with his creative works. He started numbering his work and last but not least the name “Art by Manuel Süess” was

During 2008 Manuel Süess put his main focus on creating mosaics.

Work Catalog 2008

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