Manuello in seinem Kunstatelier

„For me, art is a form of expression. An artist shares his views, dreams, emotions, critiques … through his work – independent of form and medium – and enriches the life of those who feel spoken to” Manuello.


Manuel 'Manuello' Süess
Artist, Author, Dancer, :)
dipl. Hotelier/Restaurateur HF/SHL
Bachelor of Science Hochschule Luzern/FHZ in Business Administration with Specialisation in Controlling & Accounting


Manuel 'Manuello' Süess’ expressive abstract-figurative paintings are full of joy and passion but can sometimes also have a profound meaning. They often put a smile on a viewer’s face.

In March 2011 Manuel 'Manuello' Süess took an important step for his future career. He founded his own company Art by Manuel Süess and became a self-employed artist. Back then he put his main focus on creating abstract, emotional paintings.

Manuello has a lot of talents and therefore experimented with a lot of different topics and techniques in his artistic work. 2014 he started to merge them into one: his own visual dance art. In his dance paintings Manuel combines two of his passions: dancing & painting. Abstract dancers, dancing couples and dancing figures are now living and dancing in his abstract, emotional paintings.

Manuel 'Manuello' Süess paints on canvas, paper and wood. He uses acrylic colors and combines them often with other techniques like charcoal drawing and collage. Besides his original artworks he also creates designs for fine art prints and home decor products merging painting with digital art.



Manuello's paintings have been exhibited in Austria, China, Germany and Switzerland.

• 2014 Solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland

• 2013 ART International Zürich, Solo exhibition in Vienna, Austria, Group exhibitions in Switzerland

• 2012 Solo exhibition in Vienna, Austria, Group exhibitions in Switzerland and Austria

• 2011 Shanghai Art Fair, Group exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany

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Manuel 'Manuello' Süess, born in Lucerne in 1981, is fascinated by art and full of creative ideas since childhood. He studied at the Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern SHL and finished his training with an official Swiss degree in Hospitality Management in 2008. Afterwards, during jobsearch, he decided to achieve a higher level with his creative work although a career as an artist was not more than a far dream.

Dancing and especially dance sport is one of Manuello's passions. He practiced latin competition dancing for more than a decade and started at latin dance competitions in Switzerland and Germany. Manuello attended the Nitsche Dance Academy from 2008 until 2015 and opened himself the opportunity to take lessons with the well-respected competition dancing coach Holger Nitsche for several years.

Summer 2010 Swiss media wrote for the first time about his passions for dancing and painting. The title of the article was “Der malende Tänzer” which can be translated with “The dancer who paints”.

Besides dancing and painting Manuel 'Manuello' Süess also writes books. He published his first novel in 2012. More are to follow. He also coproduced the video documentation "Behind the scenes of ART by MANUEL SÜESS" which is available as DVD.



2018 Manuel 'Manuello' Süess published his second novel "Das Planequarium-Experiment".

Manuello went back to school in 2017 and successfully achieved his degree Bachelor of Science Hochschule Luzern/FHZ in Business Administration with Specialisation in Controlling & Accounting in 2020.

Summer 2020 Manuel Süess used his artist name Manuello for the first time.

Fall 2020 Manuello continued his studies with the M.Sc. course in business informatics at the Hochschule Luzern.


Manuel 'Manuello' Süess is a member of ProLitteris


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