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Frames and Hangers of my Paintings

Style and techniques of my paintings changed during the past years, so did my frames and hangers. You will find paintings on canvas, wood, and paper in my store, which are combined with stretcher frames, wooden frames, aluminium hangers and other kinds of frames and hangers. There are also a few paintings without frame and hanger. But in my online shop you will only find paintings that are ready to hang.

Whether you hang a painting on nails, screws or wire is your choice. I recommend using two of your chosen hanging way to prevent it from falling down if you accidentally touch it (check also "How to Care for your Painting"). It is also possible to add an additional hanging system to most of my paintings.

Some frames and hangers of my paintings are described below.

Wooden plate on wooden frame

My paintings on wood on wooden frame are made of a wooden plate that is mounted on top of a wooden frame. The wooden frame adds additional stability to the wooden plate. These paintings can be hung directly on the wooden frame. It is also possible to add an additional hanging system to the wooden frame. The sides of the wooden frame are painted in black.

Wooden plate on aluminium painting hangers

I used aluminium painting hangers for my paintings from 2009 till 2012. Back then I painted mostly on wooden plates. On the backside I added aluminium painting hangers. The aluminium painting hangers consists of two or more aluminium profiles that are glued on the back of the wooden plate of my paintings on wood. Paintings with aluminium painting hanger seem to float before the wall. The size of the wood is from painting to painting different as I used quite a few different types of wood. As wood reacts to changes of humidity it is important to check the functionality of the hangers from time to time it (check also "How to Care for your Painting"). All painting hangers are checked before delivery.

Canvas on stretcher frame / Stretched canvas

Paintings on canvas. The canvas is stretched on a wooden frame, these paintings are also known as stretched canvas. These paintings can be hung directly on the stretcher frame. It is also possible to add an additional hanging system to the stretcher frame. Furthermore, it is possible to add a floater frame to the stretcher frame which adds additional layer of elegance and protection to the painting.

Canvas in a wooden frame

These paintings consist mostly of a canvas that is stretched on an MDF-plate which is placed in a wooden frame. The frame is without glass as the glass would press and flatten the acrylic colour and the modelling paste. Canvas paintings in a wooden frame of the series “Little Ones” have additionally a little stand on the backside which provides you with the possibility to place the painting on your desk.

Paper in a wooden frame

Paintings and drawings on paper in a wooden frame. The frames of these paintings also have a glass (or something similar than glass) plate that an add additional layer of protection for the paper. At older paintings on paper in a wooden frame I painted not only on the paper but also on the wooden frame and the glass plate which therefore also became part of the painting.

Plastic buffers

Additionally, I add little plastic buffers on the backside of my paintings. The plastic buffers protect the wall from colour abrasions and the painting from damages due to friction.