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Review & Work Catalog 2014

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess

Review 2014

December 2013 Manuel Süess was painting the last few paintings for an upcoming solo exhibition. After he finished his painting No. 659 Frühlingsgefühle II he stepped back and took a moment to look at it. Soon the abstract black colour stains vanished and he started to see couples dancing on the canvas. Manuel liked those little abstract dancers very much. He tried to reproduce them the following day and succeeded.

After he finished his paintings for the exhibition in spring 2014 he decided to start a new work series dedicated to his little abstract dancers. As time went by it became clear that he found the new main topic of his work in his beautiful abstract dance paintings.

2014 Manuel Süess created 69 paintings. His artworks were shown in several solo and group shows in Switzerland.

Work Catalog 2014

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