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Review & Work Catalog 2016

by Manuel 'Manuello' Süess

Review 2016

2016 Manuel Süess concentrated on the further development of his art and the improvement of the technical quality of his work.

Manuel developed his dancers from wild, abstract figures to more elegant forms with manlike proportions and therefore reduced the element of chance of the outcome of his paintings. Inspired by his early lino cuts as well as by Chinese paper cuts he added cut-outs to his figures to achieve the effect of suspense and movement within the body of his dancers that was earlier achieved be the element of chance. He sculpted his dancers with modelling paste on the canvas of his paintings what gave them a vivid and sculptural appearance. Manuel Süess used the same technique for his new horse paintings and will be using it for his popular bird series to unify his painting technique over all his work series.

2016 Manuel Süess created 45 paintings and more than 20 art print motives. His artworks were shown in his art studio to interested visitors and clients. 

Work Catalog 2016

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